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Enjoy online shopping at our unique site for the latest in women's fashion. You'll find a large selection of stylish apparel and accessories at affordable prices. Disclosure: Fox Hills Mall gets commissions for purchases made through links in this post. As an Amazon Associate Fox Hills Mall earns from qualifying purchases.

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Stylish Fashion
Shop trendy and affordable online women's clothing. Large selection of stylish fashion for the sophisticated shopper.

Casual Woman
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The Art of Fashion
Women's fashion can be tricky, because it is separated into fashion women can wear, which is pretty much anything, and fashion designed for women. Thus, how a woman wants to look will vary depending on setting and personal taste. Still, there are some basics that can be followed. Accessories are always a good bet. For a more sultry, seductive, or feminine look, working with your curves and skin are often great places to start.

How tasteful you want to be in such matters depends on the location. When it comes to a more professional look, like with male fashion, fitted without being tight is important, while a bagger or looser look can work well in more casual settings or warmer weather. Speaking of weather, a layered look is stylish any time of the year, though it tends to be more practical in cooler months. Again, personal taste and preference count for a lot.

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Dressy Sandals
Enjoy online shopping for fun sandals. We carry all the name brand sandals at competitive prices.

Leather Boots
No women's wardrobe is complete without a nice pair of leather boots. Find a large selection at excellent prices.

Stylish Shoe Fashion
Unfortunately, heels are almost always a popular choice for stylish when it comes to shoe fashion for women. Fortunately, there are plenty of other fashions and styles that won't destroy your feet in the process. A good example is boots. Besides being durable, they look great and are comfortable to wear for long periods. Practical boots in black are excellent because they are versatile, but they are not the only game in town.

When choosing heels, you need to make sure they fit. Wear them, walk around in the store make sure you are comfortable in them. For ladies with smaller feet, you may find stilettos quite uncomfortable as a result of the angle of tilt and the force on the ball of your foot. For heels that are higher than 2 inches, do not spend too much time on your feet while wearing them. It is recommended that you have a pair of shoes with shorter heels to alternate with the higher ones if the discomfort becomes unbearable.

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Classic Women's Tee
Best of women's classic t-shirts. Colorful and comfortable. Good costume service.

Graphic Tee
Funny and popular t-shirts and and t-shirts inspired by movies, television, pop culture, sports, politics, did we get your attention?

T-Shirt Fashion Statement
Not everyone will think of fashion and t-shirts in the same sentence, but, as with most clothes, it can be done if handled right. One easy way is to go with a professional look by utilizing neutral colors, especially when paired with other properly styled clothes, like khaki pants. On the other side, bright colors and styles lend well to a casual look, and such a look can really pop in the summers.

T-shirts can easily complete or ruin a look, but they also tend to be pretty forgiving. The ease of creating a flashy, stylish summer style is a good example of that. So is someone rolling out of bed to grab the newspaper without bothering to change, or more likely the nearest liquor store. We've all done it at least one, most likely. It's not the shirt's fault, it's just life.

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Trendy Styles
Looking for trendy styles for your wardrobe? Smart and stylish clothing for the younger shopper. Always good customer service.

Affordable Clothing
Trendy plus size fashion can still be affordable. fashion forward online women's clothing. New arrivals frequently. Best website for todays plus size women.

Fashion for the Rubenesque Gal
For those who are big and beautiful, the biggest problem with fashion is finding it in the first place. Clothes that fit properly are few and far between, and when found, their style is rarely a concern. Curve hugging goodness that is comfortable to wear and accentuates the body are good starts.

Colors that work with hair, eyes, and accessories is just as true with such fashion as it is with their smaller sizes. It may be hard to find clothes that fit and look good while they do it, but when found making them stylish can be done with a few additions and a dash of confidence.

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Stunning Bracelets
Find quality bracelets for women. Large selection to choose from at affordable prices.

Trendy Neckless
Looking for trendy styles for your wardrobe? Smart and stylish neckless' for the younger shopper. Always good customer service.

Jewelry Options
There are a lot of options for women and jewelry, so staying tasteful is important. A dozen rings, bracelets, and a massive necklace are almost always too much. A few rings, necklace, and perhaps a bracelet or even anklet can do just fine. Color coordination is important, too.

Gold works well with brighter colors, while silver is an excellent match with black and other dark colors. The same goes for shoes when it comes to anklets, which are an underappreciated piece of jewelry that could use more attention. You'll certainly get plenty of it when you wear them, after all. As few diamonds and the like, their overpriced rocks, but very pretty, so that can be left to personal taste.

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